About me

Ida Åkesson is an award winning Swedish writer, director and producer who spent many years in London before relocating to Skåne in 2015. Her films has screened nationally and internationally, selected titles below:

A Tribute to the King of the Forest - in production (Producer 8 min hybrid)

Letter to My Unborn Child, (Writer/Director 3 min fiction), Sundsvall Filmfest 2023, The Nordic International Film Festival New York City 2023

Grits, (Producer 6 min fiction), winner Pixel Talent Award 2021

Crossroads (Director/Producer 27min doc) nominated New Doc Tempo Documentary Festival 2020

Moments (Writer/Director 4 min fiction) winner Film London's Best of Boroughs Jury Award 2011

The Holiday (Writer/Director 10 min fiction) nominated 1km Film Stockholm Film Festival 2010, British Urban Film Festival 2011, Community Channel UK 2012, Cambridge TV 2015